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I'm DevDokus, a seasoned full-stack web developer with a passion for crafting exceptional scripts that elevate your gameplay to new heights.In the dynamic world of CFX RedM, my goal is clear - to provide you with cutting-edge, user-friendly plugins that redefine the way you experience the game. As a dedicated developer, I understand the importance of plugins that seamlessly integrate into your RedM server, offering not only functionality but an effortless setup process.Quality is the cornerstone of my work. Each script is a testament to my commitment to delivering robust solutions that stand the test of time. I believe in the power of innovation without compromising on reliability. Your gaming experience deserves nothing less

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Thoughts from past customers



Ive been using DevDokus hosting service and support from him and team and have nothing but positive things to say, Fast responce to all my questions and help, I dont know much about this game setup so thats been a lifesaver. Im scandinavian and used US server and it was smooth very enjoyable. So big thanks to the Team


Platinum RP

I use Dokus to host both my live and dev server. I could think of a better person to work with. Dokus is great with support, both my servers run amazing, and the custom support is like you won’t find anywhere else. I highly recommend not only his hosting service but also to check out his core! Not many devs out there doing what this man does! 10/10 all day! Keep it up brother! ⭐️

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My top priority is quality for every little detail, my motto is quality over quantity. If it ain't good enough, it will not be pubished!


All plugins installation is quick and hassle free! All plugins have all depencies included and are provided with a detailed installation guidance.


We are always ready to help you out with any questions or help with installation. We also do support directly on voice, we are personally involved with solving your issues.


Our plugins receive continues maintenance updates to ensure optimal performance. All customers receive new content and updates with no hidden fees.